Aloha friends,

There are many moments in my life when I thought I finally found the meaning of it. Life. At least for my life.

And that meaning changes with every new meaningful experience I have.

The belief that we are more than what we are, is not a modest belief, so it’s frowned upon by the majority of our peers.

We would work better if we fit into a mold… says our leader.

We would work better if we just follow directions. Just do as you’re told.

Life should work better for all.

But we know that’s not true. So why do we live by the molds others impose on us?

Go to school, so you can get a good job. So that you can go and be worker bees. Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids… yadda yadda.

Understand there’s a reason why it is recommended to follow these directions. To continue our human kind. Breed & take care of your tribe. I get it. Continue humanity.

With humility, I want to be more than just helping the continuation. I want to help advance our species. Sounds idiotic to you huh? What could a woman like me do to help advance human kind?

Maybe that is the question that everyone should ask themselves when they’re looking for the meaning of life?

At least that’s the question I ask of myself. And what I am instilling in my offsprings. Ask not what the world owes you. But what could you contribute? If you give, you shall receive. That’s how life works. That’s how karma works. There’s a science behind that. Over and over and over again, it’s been proven to be facts.

I’m rambling because I want to share my thoughts and hoping that it would spark something in you too.

I don’t know you, but I love you. I do.

Have a blessed night, with love… and only love.

VeeVee McGeeGee