Love will lead you back.

I would love to share my business venture that I’ve been working on for the past 4 months, but because of my unfiltered expression of dislike for our president, I’d prefer not to. I don’t want people to associate my views with the views of my team, who work very hard to create amazing products that people love.

We hit a major goal of $2M revenue run rate in less than 120 days of launch. It feels good to be able to do something I love and get paid for it. Beautiful strangers are rocking my product, and it still feels unreal to me. Considering that my logo is my handwriting, and they’re wearing it proudly. I’m humbled. I’m blessed.

About to embark on another online adventure… I’m excited to host it’s headquarters in the midwest. Where, for some reason, my heart always goes back to.

I’ve been busy, I’ve been busy living. I want to get back to sharing my adventures. It’s one hell of a ride.

I just chopped off 4″ of my hair by myself… lol from watching a YouTube video. No matter how much I have, I’ll remain basic.

I guess when you’re crazy as hell, mix with a shit ton of love… God answers your prayers. He seems to always answer mine.

Talk to him… he’s suppose to be your steering wheel, not your spare tire… don’t wait. Ask.

Ask it with love, and only love.