No, Trump is not racist or sexist.

Everyone who read my tweets know I’m anti-Trump. But when we are using our energy to fight him by calling him a racist or a sexist is not helping in any way. Why? Because he is NOT a racist or a sexist.

He’s dated blacks… he’s given women equal opportunities in his organizations. Is he a pervert? YES. Is he sexist? NO. Just stop attacking something that isn’t there because you want it to be.

Sexist people don’t want equal opportunities base off of sex. He’s not sexist.

There’s so much we could hate him for, stop hating for make believe things.

You can hate him for his private conversations… but how many people would you really hate if you had to base it on private conversations? I’ve joked about wanting to boink hot guys when I’m with my friends. That doesn’t make me a person who condone non consensual sex… it makes me a person who jokes about taboo things in the privacy amongst friends.

Democrats think that everyone should be serious at all times, even in the privacy?

Democrats are losing because of the message. There’s no real meat behind it. You’re not going to swing voters who matter. Sure you have your base voters, but those who can change the votes? Not going to happen when you continue to push your beliefs on everyone, and then shame and ridicule them for not being in agreement with you.

Don’t make me go on about gender fluid… nope. NOPE. Just NO. I don’t have to accept that, and I’m not a bad person because I don’t.

They attack everyone. EVERYONE. A kid can’t joke about a muslim anymore to his friends on snapchat. COME ON. Are we going to make sure that movies, books, shows, plays etc should always be politically correct? Seriously?

I joke about muslims, and blacks, and whites, and asians, and hispanics, and jews. Does that make me a racist? NO. Does that make me a bad person? NO.

Then there goes transgender kids. JUST NO. NOPE. I’ve seen it first hand, and I’ve watched parents PUSH it on their kids. Its like their kids are not unique the way God made them, so at the first sign of being more “girly” or “boyish”, the parents goes off the deep end. No your kid doesn’t want to change their gender… they just want to have a different experience. Kids experiment. Thats what they all do. Discover themselves. LET THEM BE KIDS.

I’m not a democrat… not really a modern republican. I like the republicans during Napoleon Hill’s time. I believe they embodied what America is about. Teaching a man how to fish without boundaries. Not blame and shame, but help and understanding… knowing that the outcome desired is that everyone’s self sufficient in their own right.

Speaking of self sufficient… I have a marketing campaign to launch with lots of new items for my new online shop… kind of excited. Also I have about 50 new rolls of fabric, with many different prints to play with. So I’ll be up all night again tonight. It’s not up working… it’s creating.

We are meant to create. The act of creation is what our creator want us to do. We are made in his image. So get out there and create some magic.

Whatever you create, chose to create with love… and only love… everything else will come along.