BLM and UniteTheRight … Gray Matter

gray matΒ·ter
ˈɑrā ˈˌmadΙ™r/
  1. the darker tissue of the brain and spinal cord, consisting mainly of nerve cell bodies and branching dendrites.
    • informal

    White people are angry. And they should be. Well, some of them.
    Black people are angry. And they should be. Well, some of them.

    On Twitter today, news of a white supremacy march was happening in Virginia. Lots of people spoke up against the march… and rightfully so. I believe they misunderstand what most of the people marching is actually all about.

    Sure the white supremacy back in the day was about “whites are better, so therefore everyone else should be treated like shit”… but today’s “white supremacy” is about “HEY, we know our ancestors fucked over a lot of people due to their color, but we’re not doing that so why are we still being punished for the sins of our fathers?”

    I don’t believe it’s really about whites being superior to the majority of the groups… sure there are extremist in the groups. Just like there are extremist in the BLM groups.

    Today’s white people are tired… just plain ol’ tired of being treated as second class citizens because their fathers fucked up. NO, i’m not saying white people are being mistreated by the system, or that they are targeted by officers… but they are not angry about that… they’re upset that their fellow peers place them second because they already had “first” for the longest time.

    BLM movement is about cops killing black people and getting away with it. Of course when I enter the conversation, I note that cops kill white people, asian people, hispanic people, and get away with it also. I get hammered by 99% from all ethnicities.

    I’m in complete agreement that black people are targeted… but the outcome of bad policing is the same no matter what color the victim is.

    Black people are fed up with the system trying holding them down. Of course, it’s harder for a black person to get a head in life… but it is possible in America. Look at the list of successful black people. Black people are being accepted as equals to whites in the eyes of their peers.

    And then there are whites who overcompensate… “white guilt” is what i believe they’re called.

    I speak about this from a 3rd person point of view… I’m neither black or white… and I believe I have an advantage of being able to see it from a completely different perspective.

    I love my black brothers and sisters… I love my white brothers and sisters. I believe it’s a misunderstanding that could be talked through with open minds and open hearts.

    lol I know it sounds cheesy. BUT we have bigger fish to fry and we should work together on making sure we, as Americans, continue to live freely. Fight for love as the outcome. What could we do to INCLUDE everyone and make sure we all feel heard.

    The problem is everyone feel their problems are worse than others… but at the end of the day, God has it all planned out for you anyways… so why not join together and talk about what are God’s plan for us all? Individually and togetherly.

    It takes a lot of intelligence and heart… a lot of gray matter to push your personal feelings aside and say “hey, i know I am hurt right now, but I want to hear you”.

    Imagine a world where we hear each other… and I’m not talking about just sitting there listening so you could come back with “what abouts”… listen with an open mind. Put yourself in their place, understand that it may not be something you understand at the moment, but is open to learn more about it.

    Know what happens when you do that? Karma… it comes back around. It’s your turn to be heard… and with an even bigger heart and more open mind… know why? Because it takes a big person to make that move first. So the heart must be bigger to accommodate the bigger person.

    I’m 37 and I don’t know everything. I know that. But what I do know is that there is a GOD, and not in a technical some dude saying let there be light… but an energy that’s unexplainable, but we all know it’s there.

    Exercise your gray matter. Put it to use. Open your mind up to your neighbors, your fellow Americans.

    The great thing about this day and age is that we can do so with so many people, using only our words via this amazing world. Wide.Web.

    Mahalo for your time… I send this with love and only love,

    VeeVee McGeeGee