People ask how could I be against illegal immigration and I’m a refugee… It made me realize that they have no idea what the difference is between the two.

I hope this helps explain it better… “Why I’m against illegal immigration” 

Before you read what I wrote… remember to tell yourself that I’m not comparing immigrants to native born… I’m comparing illegal immigrants to legal immigrants… basically what happens when you DON’T filter and what happens when you do. The results are drastically different… so why wouldn’t we filter?

Wouldn’t you want to check the credentials of everyone coming into the daycare? A school? A nursing home? Basically all our vulnerable and voiceless who’s depending on us to make the right decisions… so why the fuck are people fighting to have open borders? It’s MIND BOGGLING!!!

I legit was 3 hours away from launching a new online company… but since I caught wind of children being separated from immigrant parents, I got glued on Twitter again.

But luckily I got banned from Twitter for a week… rightfully so lol… I kind of called for the execution of the 2 people I consider the devils in the white house.

I don’t technically mean like murder… but get them the fuck out… and maybe even an exorcism?

Since I found God, I feel like I finally have a purpose… and I’m finally being used properly. It’s funny to see all these self proclaimed Christians or Christian “certifiers” not know how to handle someone like me.

Ghetto, hood rat, drop out, refugee, single mom who’s pro trump, pro guns and Christian as fuck.

Did I also mention a bit crazy?

You have to be a little crazy to think out of the norm… I know my opinion isn’t popular… but is that really what you’re fighting for? To be liked or for what is right?

God is real… and he is watching.