I’ll dance to any music, from rap to reggae, country, hip hop, polka, just about anything. I love to dance… Am I any good? That’s debatable lol

But I still do it anyways.

I find myself enjoying being alone more and more. I don’t have any need to be with a partner… and it’s one of the most freeing feelings in the world, to depend on myself. To be with myself.

I’m focused.

Every step I take going forward will be all in the Lord’s name.

With God on my side, we will clean the world of this unholiness one soap box at a time lol I’m dead serious

God is real. The church is a fraud. So are religious “leaders”. They’re suppose to help guide you, not direct you.

That’s where they get confused with their power. We give it to them, and they abuse it, they abuse us. Stop giving them power.

Why are they worshipped? Fuck them. God before any church. God before any man. God before anything or anyone. As it should be.

Don’t let these religious frauds tell you you’re not worthy of God’s love if you don’t love God the way they tell you to.

Your relationship with God is private and it’s between you and God. Fuck the church.

Don’t let idiots tell you that you must attend their cult once a week in order to get your message to the lord. Fuck the church.

It’s time for a new start. God deserves better. And so do we.

With love and only love,