You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his wife and kids… How all women and children are treated says a lot about a country.

So here’s a question, why isn’t there a universal teaching for children to understand right touch from wrong touch?

Why don’t public school teach children what is considered wrong touching? They could save so many children who have no idea they’re being assaulted. I believe every single mom/parent/guardian who love their child(dren) could agree that there’s such thing as WRONG TOUCHING… can’t we come up with a way to teach that to our kids, and teach our teachers to identify who need to be rescued?

They don’t do this!? Why? We all know why… but what are we going to do about it?

I came to America as a 3 year old refugee… to parents in their 40s and 50s who didn’t speak English. I was the 2nd youngest out of 7 kids… I was outgoing and cute… I was a prime target to be conditioned for sexual assault by men who were in positions of trust, mainly doctors… those fuckers are the worst.

Once when I was a teen, I was assaulted by a long time male friend, my best friend at the time was a lot more upset than I was… she wanted to get her dad to confront our “friend”… I told her it was no big deal because it didn’t hurt. I was used to being kissed and touched… I thought that was just normal behavior. It was the first time I experience someone being upset about me being assaulted, it was the first time I was told it was wrong and it was not okay.

As a child, when I told my mom about the kissing and touching, she told me to not wear shorts and tee shirt anymore. She wasn’t taught any better.

Now as a mom to 2 boys and a girl, I realized all the things that happened to me that I just brushed aside was NEVER okay…

I know I have to do better… I have to teach better and help them understand better.

Prepping myself for hard questions as they come up… I need to ensure my answers encourage my children to have open minds and open hearts, but be smart enough to protect themselves.

I use to question why I was highly sexed, always wondered why my mind was always in the gutter… I use to think maybe I’m really a dude trapped inside a little girl’s body lol… I just now realized I was conditioned for it.

I can joke about it now… kind of… no not really… I’m not as scarred by the past anymore… but trust me, it was NOT an easy climb up… lots of unexplained break downs and tears, destruction of relationships over the years.

I know for a fact I didn’t have it at all near as bad as some of the kids I knew growing up. My heart breaks for them… my heart breaks for all children.

So how do we prevent all this useless horrifying life threatening harm in the future? How the future turns out depends on how we treat our children… What we teach them. So how is there not a universal teaching already?!

We have to do better.

Theres a reason for our existence. There’s a reason why we know what we know… we should find out that reason.

It’s a peculiar thing for information to be kept from you, the public… but the most baffling thing is knowing there’s information out there, and having zero desire to find it. How are you happy with just existing?

Yet the worst offense ever is KNOWING the info and doing absolutely nothing about it.

What are you capable of? Definitely more than what you’re doing now, that’s for sure… what compels you?

That’s where we fall short as humans, we forget about humankind.

We tend to be selfish with our lives, living it for just our superficial self experience… when we realize we are part of something so much bigger, we start to care more about our actions… or lack there of.

What a difference half a decade can make.

Funny thing is, I found God through the bible teachings and connecting it with modern science.

Religious leaders will tell you NOT to believe in astrology and mock and make fun of other teachings… but yet won’t make the connection in the bible about those three wise men and the star of Bethlehem… those dudes use astrology to find Jesus… HELLO?! These idiots act as if they KNOW all the answers to the bible and the TRUE word of God.

There’s so much information they are distorting and keeping from us. A half truth is equivalent to a lie.

It’s like the government lying to us about marijuana… God’s magical medicine.

It’s for control. God is all things good. All things good means all possibilities without limitations. God is limitless.

Yes it’s a little scary to view God differently than what we are taught.

Truth can be scary… and sadly it’s never free. Someone will have to pay the price for it, but once it’s paid, it’s free for the rest of us.

Truth be told, I’m scared as fuck. Now that I KNOW God is real, I can’t go back to being oblivious and live selfishly. Ignorance is bliss? Maybe.

But I rather know for sure. Wouldn’t you? Am I really THAT weird? I can’t be the only one… seriously. lol

With love and only love,