Imagine our 40 days and 40 nights is 400 years of flooding from melted ice caps?

Just saying… what if because we commit so much sin against nature, god finally gives us the big “fuck you” again?

What if because we are the disease of the earth & it’s mother’s way of putting us in time out?

And the ones who survive remembers never to disrespect her again?

You’d think we would learn and read the signs already… history has a way of repeating itself.

But of course the evil don’t believe in eternity so they will burn everything down for momentary “happiness”, they won’t be here to suffer the consequences of their actions… or would they?

I’m crazy…

The Bible says heaven is here on earth. If you believe.

What if eternity is in us all along and we just have to believe?

I know… sounds crazy huh?

But what if?

The emerald tablet? “As above, so below, as within, so without”…

Basically “on earth as it is here in heaven”…

Everything is connected. All religions and all beliefs. They separate them to depreciate the value of its teachings as a whole. Think about it.

What’s the harm in believing in possibilities?


I could see a modern, not so far off, scientific way of it happening… with all these transplants and genetic engineering… it’s only a matter of time when we can transplant a human brain into another body… then we’ll be manufacturing bodies for brains to purchase.

It’s really NOT that crazy. They make ears and hearts etc NOW.

They can make a human body without a brain and just have it ready for a transfer.

Yes yes, the future has so many possibilities of eternity being reachable.

What if Jesus figured it out and some others did too, and they’re just watching us in shame waiting for some of us to wake the fuck up before it’s too late?

Those guys walk on water… a flood isn’t going to affect them lol

All I’m saying is, don’t discount my theory just because it’s crazy… and it’s only crazy because it’s not popular opinion… or anyone else’s opinion lol 😝

Look, we have an amazing world… and we could make our lives even more amazing just by making our world more amazing and it’s by making our neighbors’ lives more amazing.

Do something for someone… even the smallest of things… not sure where I’m going with this, but I believe we aren’t completely hopeless, not all of us.

We can do more for each other… than we are doing now.

Everyone of us knows someone who need some help. Whether it’s words of encouragement or a ride to work.

Or if you’re anti social like I am lol, speak up for someone who can’t. Speak up for the homeless, animals, seniors, handicaps, anyone who need someone to feel they’re not alone… why not?

Speak up for the children… the kids. They need us more than anything. If you see something just not right, call it the fuck out and be willing to take the blows from devils… in the end, they don’t win. They can’t. And YOU know you did right and THAT is godly.

God is watching… and he is real.

With love and only love… aloha