We are funny creatures. We project.

I respect your opinion… I just don’t care.

I caught an uber the other day, and the nice young lady and I had a conversation about religion during our drive. I enjoy passionate conversations instead of where can I grab a bite or the weather bs… She’s gay, and asked me what are my thoughts on homosexuals.

Seeing crosses and verses all over my body, she assumed I was always a hardcore God believer. I informed her that I never denounced God, but I neglected him… and just found him again a little over a year ago… Finding God was one of the reasons for my divorce. Gladly so.

I told her to take into consideration at what time period the bible was written and which verses are we referring to.

I believe the bible contains information that were just for your INFORMATION. That is it. It’s not God’s word… it’s information about what’s going on during that time. Like a recount of what the laws of the land were etc.

So there are “verses” of the bible that relate to homosexuality being a sin. My belief is that back in the day science and religion were intermixed, there’s no separation. In fact, check out Alchemy! That’s when I learned more about I Ching… but that’s another story.

But because science and religion were “combined”, the information in the bible is either another scientific way of saying if you’re gay, you can’t have kids… your bloodline is done. The End.

And some of the verses shows what was the law of the land at the time. Immoral sex I believe referred to pedophiles and other harmful sexual desires NOT homosexuals… hence the reason why they had to separate homosexual regulation from just that of immoral sex.

I believe that straight sex was encouraged because they want the people to HAVE MORE CHILDREN.


More money… more work force… more military etc… more more more. Shit, Americans are complaining about not having enough children right now, and it’s because they are too greedy to spread the wealth that we can’t afford to have a lot of children. Imagine if we had universal healthcare that’s actually good? And great free education? Shit, I would have a billion kids.

I let her know my truth.

I was at the bank yesterday, and had an intense almost hour long conversation about China with a very nice Chinese woman. She explains to me that her government is fine and that the complaints that I hear about… well “there’s two sides to every story”.

I tried to make a comparison to white people here in the usa… they have no idea about what racism truly is and how it affects us everyday. Some do, but the majority don’t… that’s why the USA government are able to get away with what they are doing to poor and black people.

Realize that wasn’t going to convince her to understand my concerns. She says they’re not harvesting organs, and I explained to her that their gov stated that they are harvesting LESS organs now than they did previously. That’s when she justified it saying it’s organs from prisoners on death row who volunteer their organs.

I then inquire about what types of crimes are punishable in china? Would you say they have the same freedom to use their mind for anything they want without punishment? Meaning to believe what they want to believe, as long as no one is harmed? Do they have that freedom? To bring your thoughts to life? Your creative energy… your God energy.


She informed me that those are people the gov are not taking care of, and they’re not really part of the people.

I know she is one who understand the plight of black people here in America. So I am incredibly baffled.

So I have to approach the mom in her… I asked if a child told her that s/he was assaulted by an adult, would you believe the child or are you one of those who say “Well, let’s hear what the adult have to say first before we believe the child”.

I can understand the logic in that… but there’s a fucking red flag that needs immediate attention asap and waiting to hear the other side is NOT the next step in the matter. Securing the child and making sure s/he is safe and protected is priority before hearing the other side of the story.

That’s when it made sense to her. It clicked. You see it in her eyes and her whole soul just lifted a little bit lighter with more understanding.

We transition into discussing trans people, she has a child discovering herself.

We talked about the young boy who transition into a girl… OMG. LET ME TELL YOU. I’m all for gay rights and love all people of all background. BUT Children are meant to explore and discover themselves. NOT to be told they are trans and therefore they should be put on hormone therapy in preparation to mutilate their bodies later on in life.

I had a friend who’s daughter became trans after a trauma involving watching her mother being attacked by her stepdad and she attempted to help, and instead she was also hurt.

There’s a documentary following a transgender boy who’s parents adopted a little girl when he was about 4 or 5… he once was the center of attention, and it all changed and the new girl had all the attention. She got all these cute dresses etc. The little boy wanted the same. The mom cried and said “ahhhh my child is trans!”… they went and saw a “therapist” who recommended the child start hormone therapy to prepare his body to have a vagina later on in life.

There was one vital split second part where the kid says to his mother, “Mom, I don’t think I want to be a girl anymore”… and the mother’s reaction was to burst into tears and started crying. It was about HER. NOT HER CHILD. It’s a form of munchausen by proxy.

The boy changed his mind to please his mother.

THIS IS ON A PUBLIC DOCUMENTARY. This is child abuse. The therapist, the doctors and the parents should all be arrested and sterilized. HONESTLY. This is what’s just been recorded… imagine what goes on behind closed doors? Those are some fucked up parents who fake the funk of being concerned and all for progressive liberal rights.


They are meant to explore and discover themselves. I thought I was a boy for a few years growing up… I was the dark skin girl in the family who had bushy eyebrows… like both my brothers… I really thought I was a boy… and I’m glad my parents didn’t decide to put me on some penis growing pills.

My ten year old asked me what do I think about gay people in front of his brother and sister… and their big brown eyes looking at me for guidance… I told them that gay people are like super heroes… it’s not normal, but it’s not wrong.

Having said that… I’ve been spending my toilet time arguing with middle class white women who are actually passionate about their beliefs, but completely oblivious to any perspective les’ it’s of middle class whites. You can tell these people, the entitled… victims… they’re people who want to be discriminated against so they have a reason to be passionate about something.

And if you don’t agree with them, you’re the enemy… they’re extremists. They are the ones telling me that I HAVE to call trans-women, women… but I’m going to call them trans-women to differentiate. I feel that it’s gender appropriating and it’s really shitty of them to do that to us… something that makes us unique. Somethings just can’t be bought.

I don’t believe you can buy gender.

I don’t believe you can buy culture.

You definitely can’t buy love.

I do believe everyone should be treated with great love and equality… but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid enough to believe we are all the same.

We are equal… but we are not the same.

And these extremists don’t understand.

They get offended. They get mad… and they attack like dogs with rabies.

I wish I was exaggerating.

A woman believes that being diagnosed as bi-polar is a mental illness… people like that saddens me greatly. They are just willing to eat up the pills being fed to them. They become victims and are OVERLY sensitive. What if I told you that being bi-polar, like having ADD is NOT a mental illness but instead a GIFT?

YES… a gift. The ability to have both negative and positive charges to the extreme? That’s what gives you passion and drive. Your only problem is you don’t know how to direct it, so you ask the government to supply you with drug dealers to prescribe you with pills to continue to control you… because you can’t control yourself.

ADD is another gift… the ability to daydream while they’re trying to spoon feed you their bullshit? lol but seriously, I believe the solution for people with ADD is to have multiple input going on around them for proper focus.

I notice that I’m able to pick up and learn new things quicker, if I have music playing on my speaker, audiobook playing on my Alexa, my TV is playing documentaries, and my iPad is playing music videos… all this while I work, or try to learn something new. THIS is the best way for me to learn… and I notice it works with my son also.

Don’t expect everyone to learn the way you do… what works for you might not work for all, but it might be of benefit to someone, so why not share it? Share your secrets. Good secrets are meant to be shared.

God’s secrets are everywhere.

Look and see.

With love and only love,