Where ever I bring my kids, they seem to attract attention. They LOVE it. They love interacting with people… and our lovely waitress saw that they were sharing their meals… my son says to her “we share because we’re a loving family.”… lol she just had all types of reasons to want more kids.

Trust me… spending time with my kids, will make you want more kids. Shit, I feel bad for those who can’t have kids… legit, that’s the worst feeling ever, now I know what they’re actually missing out on. The connection is powerful.

My kids are begging me to grow out my hair in hopes of attracting a mate lol, they really dislike it, but I’m actually playing a game with myself.

Betting myself to shave my head IF I lie to myself ever again.

Every strand on my head will be the product of truth. Whether it’s harsh or not lol… it’ll be my truth. And if I lie to myself, I will shave my head again. I didn’t realize how much hair I had though… I didn’t realize how much we lie to ourself either.

I told the kids that we don’t need a male figure in our life, we just need an assistant! And so the search is on.

I think privilege is when you FORCE your beliefs onto others and vilify those who don’t agree. Like the church and some government.

I’m not racist… I’m only applying this to extreme white liberals.

Extreme white liberals are just as dangerous as extreme conservatives. Balance is what we should want to achieve, knowing that you can’t be 100% happy to be truly happy, lol not sure if that makes sense.

Like Yin and Yang idea. The dark side always exist, you must learn to live with it, by achieving balance.

You can kick the devil out your house, and still send him some love on his way.

I think these types of people are dangerous for our children. They label our children instead of allowing them to discover themselves.

There should really be a test to procreate… The future CAN NOT be this… it is harmful to encourage self body hatred and mutilation… it’s about teaching understanding and self love.

I just can’t believe common sense is really NOT common. No wonder wars in the world still happen.

I realize that people spend more time wishing for someone’s downfall than working on their prosperity.

We have a hard time wanting good for others because we don’t believe we deserve good for ourself.

I know it sounds OVER EXAGGERATING… but because of this belief, wars, genocides, slavery and all things bad continue.

The answer for world peace with prosperity for all is right in front of our faces… I believe in the future.

Homemade laundry detergent

Just got to get rid of the junk and get back to nature. Back to reality. Back to God.

Back to love and only love,