My 80 year old mom and my kids are my everything. Seriously. EVERYFUCKINGTHING.

Giant Trevally swim in patterns and we have no idea why… it’s so cool and crazy that we can’t understand nature fully, yet we seem to think we know enough about it to make decisions that harms her.

Here’s a theory… what if they swim like that because they’re sending signals to something reading their patterns?

It’s not that crazy to believe… animals have internal receivers/transmitters that send/receive signals from nature.

There’s a reason to nature… just because we don’t understand it, doesn’t mean there’s a lack of reasons.

My cycle came earlier than expected… it was just crazy how it synced up with the moon.

This was a blood red lunar eclipse full moon.

How fucking awesome is God?

How dare we use FUCK and GOD in the same sentence. But if we say “we fucking love God”, would it be okay?

I let my kids use profanity but they’re not allowed to curse. The difference is, “Oh fuck” and “Fuck You”.

The stone age way of believing in the Lord is over. FUCK is a manmade word with man made definitions and man made applications.

Even man made reactions? You chose how you react to it. Stop dictating how & if people should use it. Telling kids they should cut off their wieners is a lot more harmful than hearing and saying the word fuck.

How are you going to tell me God would be upset at me saying Fuck? Did God tell you that?

We vilify things we don’t understand.

Instead of saying we just don’t know much, or anything about it… we vilify it… we vilify people we don’t know, just because we “heard” or think some things about them.

Why are we so quick to be “PROS” on any given subject, or about anyone, without much knowledge about it/them?

I hand my phone to a couple checking out pics of my kids… didn’t realize how far they flipped through, when I noticed that he’s gone far enough for them to see my nude selfies… this was about 20ish images in, not sure how they got there so fast.

She got completely embarrassed and apologized… and I just jokingly said “it’s no big deal, at least you didn’t get to the videos” lol

She, while somewhat appalled, warned me that I shouldn’t record things I don’t want people to see… they will last forever.

I told her I don’t mind people seeing it, just the people sitting right next to me at the very moment and while we’re on the subject of kids… plus, I just met them.

I don’t have a shy bone in my body… and have no problem with people seeing me. BUT, there’s a place and time for it…

A lot of “vanilla” people have problems with other people’s sexual self expression.

I don’t get it… As long as no one is harmed, emotionally, spiritually or physically… who are we to decide what sparks their joy?

In pretty much every other culture, sexual appreciation is expressed in our music and dance, even in our worship… it’s considered beautiful and for a lot of us, an art to be perfected and explored with someone you care about.

Why would you vilify some thing that’s the path to the highest form of creative energy?

I believe because of this, more assaults happen… men aren’t taught to understand their bodies and emotions, so they risk life and liberty to engage in it.

While women are taught to be ashamed of it. Why?

Statues of Apsara on the facade of Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia // 1113

Look at the difference.

Statues of saints on the facade of the Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp, Belgium // 1521

Sex is a very important subject… and the fact that we continue to make it taboo will be the reason why sexual crimes continue to occur. We need to educate on not just the physical but the mental/spiritual side to fully understand it… that’s when it crosses the line and starts sounding religious. But have you read the book of Psalms or the Song of Solomon?

It’s so important to understand, yet it’s so taboo.

Society continues to shame us for even thinking about it.

Early on in my previous relationship, his former “love of his life” approached me alone in hopes of jeopardizing our union.

She informs me, “He’s a pervert, he likes to choke you during sex”… and I respond confusingly “… you don’t like that?”

I was honest to God shocked that she would try to kink shame something as innocent as that.

Why do we do this to each other? What value does that bring to your life?

Why is it in society, when a woman is confident in her sexuality, she is seen as a “whore”?

They don’t want women to have the power.

I believe when women are in power… kids will be prioritized, and therefore the future saved.

The world would finally be at peace.

Until then… we have a lot to do.

And it all starts with love and only love,