Hey Jealousy

I use to believe a perfect world meant that everything had to be black and white. But the world wouldn’t be colorful if that was true… a rainbow of possibilities.

Majority of people believe you have to live life a certain way to be considered a good human being. AS IF there’s only one path, and it’s most definitely the path THEY believe.

I was like that.

It shouldn’t just apply to jealousy. It should apply to ALL your emotions. Some are beyond evil thoughts, those are real legit emotions that caused that… what you do with it, determines your fate and decide what kind of human being you are.

I feel it’s so important for people to know that all the feelings you are experiencing are okay, and they are real, and they are valid and they are important. They are yours but they don’t define you.

The world teaches us that if we feel “XYZ” we are bad people… people go into hiding and become ashamed of what they feel because they are told it is wrong.

The emotion alone DOES NOT decide whether you’re a good human or not. What you choose to do with it, makes who you are.

Isn’t it cool that you get to decide what you do with your emotions?

Only an idiot, or someone with ill intent, would vilify a natural medicine.

Speaking of emotions, I’m beyond excited about Hawaii in the process of legalizing marijuana. My mom, bless her soul… her eyes lit up with excitement when I told her in 2 years it will be legal here.

Prison is modern day slavery… we must never promote it. All humans are capable of being rehabilitated… punishment is never the answer. We must change our approach and come from a place of understanding.

She’s afraid to go get her license because she’s afraid of being judged… especially since she’s an old 80 year old “immigrant”.

She tells me that my kids are her many more reasons to wake up everyday.

Racism can be felt in subtle every day comments.

The stone aged white man have people all over the world ashamed and vilifying a natural god given plant… that it causes 80 year old genocide survivors, who need it, to be too ashamed to ask for it, even if it’s legal.

I should learn how to proofread before I hit send 😝🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

I write all the time.

I write carelessly. I write when I’m in pain, when I’m excited. I write sometimes, just to write. I am learning how to focus my stories.

God’s co-writing my book with me… and sometimes he likes to add things he thinks are funny. At first I don’t find it funny… but when I start thinking about it more, it actually is.

Because this too, I will get through… and I will look back and laugh at it with him.

I trust in the writings.

I trust it is already written… written with love… and only love.