How can you be a Christian and believe in abortion?

Who defined abortion as murder? Who define cells as a living soul?

Fun Fact: We as humans are now able to create a whole entire human being from dead skin… like LEGIT all that shit that comes off when you exfoliate? Yes, we are able to create a whole ass human from it… MAGIC! So if we keep going this route, we’ll be putting people in jail for exfoliating… seriously.

So who gets to define when the soul exist?



Let me tell you a quick story. 3 kids, puking 6x a day everyday for 9 months. Would I ever get an abortion? FUCK NO. But am I to tell someone else to do with their cells


IT’S CELLS. Heartbeat doesn’t equate to soul. 

Imagine someone who’s brain dead and it’s illegal to pull the plug on them because their cells exist in this dimension? Imagine it being your responsibility to pay the bill to ensure that heart artificially beats?


A SOUL is achieved when it’s in a state of complete form to process the information from our universe and other dimensions. We are God’s machines. Computers… whatever you want to call us. His soldiers. His cells.

NOT all bodies are able to process the information given.

Like not all computers work the same way… some don’t work at all.

I use to be anti abortion like crazy… until my body was put through the test to create the magic needed for life. 

WE ARE NOT ALL FIT FOR IT. Emotionally, spiritually and physically… we’re not all built the same.

There’s no way I can pay you back… but the plan is to show you that I understand. You are appreciated. Dear mama, May 2019. If she only knows how much I love her. But I know how much she loves me… that’s the thing about being a mom. You finally understand your mother’s love.

The way the world is operating, they’re not even prepping us or supporting us for it. For life.

And you know damn well I’m not talking about a handout.

I’m talking about giving our children the necessary spiritual tools to survive this chaos.

Instead the devil plays on the hearts of the loving people… and convinced the ignorant that they are right.

Isn’t it funny that thousands of years before, women and men were equals? If not, dare I say women were superior, I believe this.

If you do a quick study on ancient history when they were creating all these amazing everlasting things like the pyramids, Angkor Wat etc… women were just as powerful as men. Women were pharaohs, gods, living gods… we were worshipped for our power. To give life.

Image result for women pharaohs
The Goddess Hatshepsut. The devil was upset when he found out the magic that created these, didn’t worship him. They will erase her history and rewrite it to fit their needs.

Notice that “they” try to destroy and erase this history… by bombing ancient civilizations and converting them to their devil worshipping ways… call “religion”

The devil figured out how to play us against each other… all this to attack our most precious, our children.

Note that the people are adamantly against abortion to the death… are shady as fuck people. Pretty sure they’re all pedophiles and/or support of other pedophiles. 

They are innocent souls taken advantaged by the devil… I call it the devil’s shadow. 

I know theres people who don’t even want to be in there… but forced to, or that’s all they know… it’s not their fault.

But it is our fault if we don’t change it.

I am informed that negative energy, the devil, will attack me for my truths… but lets see if he can make it connect… because if it doesn’t form a complete circle/make sense, can’t connect it with science or common sense… then why the fuck would you believe him? Birds of a feather.

For the first time in my life… I can honestly say I don’t hate anyone.

I hate what they believe.

I hate what they feel.

I hate what they do or don’t do with what they know.

But I don’t hate the person.


I can’t even hate the devil.


I did something that was beyond myself… but as a 40 year old woman, I was able to mentally venture there and come back unscathed. I visit their dark minds and try to understand why they feel the way they feel.

And I see the why they can’t help themselves.

They were forbidden to do so…

The devil tricked us into believing helping ourself is a bad thing.

Touching ourself is a bad thing… that’s what “they” say. 

Loving ourself is a bad thing…. According to the devil.

It seems hopeless… I know. BUT it’s not.

Because God is real. God is the good thought… the right thought. The good news… the right news… God is an energy that we must reclaim from the devil.

We have to teach our young, to fucking love themselves.

The devil tries to control you in every way… he tries mentally by telling you that loving yourself is wrong… sure he didn’t say “hate yourself”… but because it’s left empty/unanswered/hidden away (currently), theres a very likely chance negative energy filled that void… have you seen what people are putting out in the world??

Because when you love yourself… you love god… you find god… that god is you. And only then you’ll be able to truly love others. How can you 100% truly love someone else, when you don’t know every single detail about them? Their thoughts and emotions?

You don’t know that and yet you say you love them… but BUT… you KNOW all about you… sort of… and you can’t even love yourself. Does that make any sense?

Am I high right now? Not on anything but the spirit.

It took me 40 years to even be ready to enter this dimension.

Still learning… still doubting myself.

But I won’t give up… I can’t. 

We really can’t… what’s our other choice?

We die. 

Because living in chains, is not living at all.

God is real. And he is watching.

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, or coffee… because I’m neither of those… I’m juice lol I want to be water… but I can’t… I’m juicy lol… I got the juice!

I’m scared… I just want you to know that I am still human.

What’s my fear? The bad energy that would be coming my way… I’ve made so many damn mistakes in life… it’s like I’m not perfect or something 😉

To everyone I prejudged or judged at all prior to this me… I’m truly truly sorry. I am asking for forgiveness. I’ve sinned… I’ve done so many bad things, that I didn’t realize were bad. I was fooled too.

I know this fear is temporary. Thank GOD, cause love wins.

With love and only love…