In my mid 20s, I was going through a winter down time, after having a huge summer/fall success.

We were spending twice as much as we were making and so therefore my relationship with my boyfriend/business partner was in turmoil. He was a very upbeat positive sales guy, who was in love with me… while I was a smart, back end everything else type of girl… we worked well together.

Turned our last $10 into $1k in one week by offering people a $500 deck power washing… any size. Had 2 booked in the first week of summer.

How with $10? You didn’t need to pay for advertising in the newspaper up front, you didn’t need to pay for a phone line up front… we bought a $1.50 phone from Goodwill, placed an ad and got calls.

Then I bought an iron on Tee shirt transfer and went to the library to create a logo for our company and ironed it on 2 plain white tee shirts. I also printed estimate sheets with our logo on it at the library and printed them for a dime each.

We borrowed his mom’s car and went to Home Depot to rent a power washer (you don’t have to pay up front), and with our last $5 we bought gas for the power washer lol.

It worked. He’s a great sales guy.

After a couple years, we were able to turn $10k into $100k in sales in a month change… and how?

I was on my period and mad at him… so he went out and bought me gifts lol… which included an audiobook “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He wanted something from Tony Robbins for relationships, but there wasn’t any at the local Barnes and Noble.

I listened to that book, while smoking weed and on my period… I think the combo made everything so intense… lol I took it so seriously. I wrote all my business plans on the walls, and would smoke weed everyday while listening to the audiobook and DOING what Nappy Hill told me to do.

And now I tell everyone about the book anytime I get a chance to.

Well… we end up breaking up a few months after… and I thought I had enough to “retire” lol… Look, okay, I came from genocide and lived on welfare in Philly ghetto growing up… so 6 figures cash was A LOT for me to think I could retire in Miami Beach lol… OK

I’m dyslexic and always curious… so I would blindfold myself, and do hot yoga while high, and listening to the audiobook. I feel like I take it in every bit of my body.

I’ve probably listened to Think and Grow Rich about a million times… and still learning something new every time.

Remember, who I was when I listened to it over 15 years ago isn’t who I am now, today… or who I will be in a few years… months even. So the information will be received differently… because of our experiences.

lol Ahhhhh life experience matters. BUT age doesn’t equal experiences… there are some unexperienced adults out there. So many scared people… the world is sooooo beautiful. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

I never knew hunger… and I never understood failure. I analyzed my mistake and figure out a solution almost immediately. I don’t know how to function any other way.

I guess, I mean I never understood why dwell on the fail? lol

Anywho… I’ll start listing all the audiobooks and documentaries I get benefits from and hopefully you will find some benefits also.

With love and only love,