Hey Jealousy

I use to believe a perfect world meant that everything had to be black and white. But the world wouldn’t be colorful if that was true… a rainbow of possibilities. Majority of people believe you have to live life a certain way to be considered a good human being. AS IF there’s only one path, […]



Why everyone hating on the SnapChat doggy filter? What I’m actually doing when I say I’m busy working… Transferring info from my old laptop to my new one and I found photos and videos of past relationships… Is it weird that I have no desire to hold on to them? I’m never going to go […]



My kids ask why I make stupid faces when I dance… and I had to explain to them, that we must let out all the funk, otherwise you’re not really dancing. They are now practicing their funky faces, even during their dance classes lol I was Danny at one point in my life. Updating my […]