Hippies and Housewives

This is my absolute favorite company to open because it taught me soooo fucking much. Legit, I designed the prints, the styles, cut and sewed every single piece you see on the website’s 200+ styles, I directed the photoshoots, managed the social accounts, built the website and handled all aspects of marketing.

Was excited to see lovely ladies rocking our tee shirt with my handwritten logo on it.

I was heavily invested in this company.

It started when I bought bikinis from a local boutique, and it started falling apart immediately… despite the fact that I spent over $150 on the set. I would just fix the loose stitches myself, but eventually I said to myself that I could create a better, more comfortable swimsuit.

These were my first try at swimsuits… lol you can see the stitching etc.

And I did.

I never sewn a swimsuit before, but I wanted my first set to be reversible lol… watched a couple youtube videos, messed up a couple times, but within a month I can create any swimsuit seamlessly.

It’s now really easy for me to cut and sew a seamless reversible one piece in less than 30 minutes… without a pattern. I’m that confident lol

Bought a little camera and attempted to take these photos ourselves lol

My first attempt to launch met with no love… lol and understandably so. So I changed my approach because I wanted to make it work.

I bought better fabrics, and with better skills, able to produce better swimsuits. The results were better… but still NOTHING budged. No one was buying.

My third try was by accident. I had a young lady starting out in photography contact me. I liked her work a lot, and she had a friend/model who she could link me up with, models that are actually not just stunning, but their personalities are what makes them truly beautiful.

About 6 months after we started selling these like hotcakes, a lot of other swimsuit companies started making the same exact top. It made me feel so good to know that we picked a winner.

I changed scene from sterile white and went back to taking full advantage of our Hawaiian backdrop.

And because I’m able to cut and sew my own swimsuits, I was able to introduce new styles weekly… literally. Like… I was crazy… adding 10-40 new items EVERY WEEK for a few months straight. I needed an intervention, that’s how bad it was lol…

I cut and sewed this set in a matter of 15 minutes… the top literally takes 5 minutes to make.

I was encouraged to NOT come up with so many styles. Which was fine… because I found a winner that everyone end up copying months afterwards.

When I created this design, it was by accident… I wanted to connect the straps from front to back, but because all the seamstress working for me were new to swimsuit sewing (seamless at that), I decided to let the ends loose and just tied a bow.

We had thousands of orders on back order because I oversold… it got so bad we were excited if a customer chose to cancel. BUT 90% didn’t want to cancel and were willing to WAIT for it… It was crazy. I felt really bad for doing that to our customers.

Well this accidental design end up being our biggest winner. My ex husband challenged me to sell over $10K of swimsuits a day and in return, he would scale the production.

I accepted the challenge and was able to sell over $12K a day for over a week straight… of the SAME EXACT SWIMSUIT basically. I had to stop because I knew we were going to be far behind on our orders.

Happiness is when I’m able to take things from my mind and bring it to life… capture it and share it with the world to enjoy.

My kids are always super involve & supportive of my creations.

I was told this was a problem I should want, and it end up being too big of a problem… we didn’t want to manufacture off the island, we wanted to keep everything in Hawaii… and it end up costing us time. TIME TIME TIME. And that’s more costly than money… because unhappy customers are a big NO NO.

We ended up growing so fast that instagram influencers contacted us to wear our swimsuits, just because they loved it…

My mom use to sew in our basement for extra income so she could help her brothers in Cambodia. In my early teens, I would beg to help, and eventually she let me try it… Now every company I open, my focus is to hire single moms first… and provide training if the passion is there.

My partner got super excited about all the sales that was coming in, he decided to purchase 10X more fabric (without my knowledge) for me to sell.

But by the time we caught up, it was winter and swimsuit season started slowing down.

So now, I’m the only one who can get rid of all these fabrics… I was hoping to work on some new projects for the following year, and wanted to showcase my brand at fashion shows. But a large chunk of change was put into fabric, and I am ultimately the owner… I had to find a solution.

I end up hiring a full time photographer just so I could have a new photoshoot every week.

I decided to do something cheeky and cute with the fabrics… again by accident. Because I was working hard everyday, I didn’t really have time to wash my laundry. And after past experiences, I don’t want anyone else doing my laundry.

I would cut and sew real quick a pair of panties to wear for the day… the fabric was just so comfortable and amazing, it feels like you’re completely naked. WELL, I’ve been doing it for a month and I love it… so I figured other people will love it too.

I first approached it with “underwear you can swim in” … like Swimmies… Swim Undies … I don’t know… I’m stupid sometimes.

Matching swim underwear for guys and girls 🙂

Thought it would be cool to have underwear that at the spur of the moment you can use as a swimsuit also… lol you can’t blame me! I live in Hawaii, where this is normal.

Since we were shooting every week, I didn’t really plan photoshoots until an hour before I had to leave… and everything just seems to always ALWAYS work out.

I was pushing it for a month straight and NO ONE WAS BUYING!!! lol… I couldn’t understand why. It’s definitely not the product… the pictures were super cute… so why? I decided to change my approach and just make it a subscription base panties company and it was an instant success.

I started getting subscribers immediately… within the first week, we had over 500+ subscribers. With winter fast approaching, it was like my prayers have been answered… to get rid of these damn fabrics!

Well long story short… this is the last company I created with my ex husband.

I end up selling too much… and there was no one scaling the company production… mainly due to his attention was focused on science.

Reason being, I took time to enjoy some science projects with our kids… my partner encouraged me to use my “unmatched skills” to focus on generating income from our business… he was more than happy to hire a science tutor to help engage the kids.

End up focusing all his attention on science instead… the scaling never happened.

Truth be told, it is ultimately my fault… had I want it to continue, I could’ve successfully. I could’ve figured out scaling… it’s not that hard. But my heart wasn’t in it. My heart was with my family, and I wanted to be there instead. But I honestly was spread super thin. Still zero excuse.

I decided to sacrifice the company to focus on my relationship with my kids and my mom.

My ex husband decided to take it to the mainland and was hoping to get it going there… but no one has the golden touch. If your heart is not in it, it won’t work.

My last photoshoot for the brand… it was so well received, we end up having to reject subscribers.

RIP to such a cute and honestly promising company. I’ve learned SOOOOOO much from it. I learned about subscribers, and how to market to a specific demo that likes to shop online.

You mean to tell me that you & your friends don’t go around prancing in the park in matching panties?

Now I’m using these new skills and knowledge I picked up to put into my new ventures… but at the end of the day none of those skills matter. If you don’t have love for it, it won’t work.

Love on the gram

So whatever you chose to do, do it with love and only love.