Illegal Immigration

Arguing against white “women” about illegal immigrants vs legal immigrants just baffles me on how unaware or insensitive these people are. I believe they are trying to do good… but, wow… they have no idea what is going on.

They believe that illegal immigrants are the same exact thing as refugees… like legit. They have no idea on what the definition of a refugee is. They are drowning out the voices of real refugees seeking help.

Refugees are people who are being targeted because of their race, their religion, their nationality, their political opinion or social group… NOT someone who’s trying to escape street crime and trying to find a better life… even though I feel bad for them also, the problems they face, could be helped with a different approach.

So what exactly is a Refugee?


My family have experience with genocide. During the Vietnam war, President Nixon decided to drop more bombs in my tiny little country (Cambodia), than any other country to date (including all of the Middle East combined).

He funded Pol Pot who then committed genocide on almost half of the country’s population.


Refugee camp photo to send to America to ask for sponsorship to be granted asylum… a Church sponsored us to ensure we assimilated and thrived. They took responsibility for our growth and they did an amazing job honestly. All these people wanting people in without knowing their intentions… that’s just ludicrous to me!

My mom, dad, brothers and sisters were slaves in concentration camps. People were worked to death, beat to death, skinned alive, there was real cannibalism. And I’m not saying we should wait til’ its that bad to help (BTW USA never helped lol Thanks yall), we have proven there are better solutions.

For example: George W. Bush Jr. and Rwanda

Rwanda was ravaged by aids and genocide… and what did Georgie do? Save them… what a good fucking man. But the media won’t tell you that… shame on them… they don’t want you to see the good in him.

Here’s a cute article from the Gaurdian

Anywho… it takes years for the USA to filter out who would help this amazing country thrive and become even better than we are… aka EVOLVE.

Look at this Homicide chart… when you FILTER through, you have a much less chance of opening the door to a murderer.

If someone told you that there’s 2 choices, one is safer and the other way isn’t… why would you pick the less safe way? I know some argue that “Well, they commit slightly less crimes than native born. Uhmmmmm is that a good thing? Is that how you evolve? slightly? If any?

And have you taken into consideration that if you don’t filter people, you might let in the exact same bad people most of us refugees are trying to run from!

Like legit… but you’re not fighting for refugees, you’re fighting for illegal immigration… meaning, wanting to come and take advantage of resources.

Meaning less resources for our own children. And with the way our school system is and private prison?

These white ladies have no idea what role private prisons play on minorities and poor people of America.

Of course you guys won’t understand why the Clintons have anything to do with their profits from private prisons… but you that’s another discussion.

This is about Private prisons filling up their cells with minorities over stupid shit like smoking a joint with the Stop and Frisk rule to combat gang violence caused by “super predators”.

What does this have to do with immigration? A lot.

With marijuana being more accepted by society, locking young black men up for weed is not going to be acceptable anymore. People are speaking up. The black lives movement is making noise, and the career politicians have to listen if they want their paycheck.

“While the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world’s population, it houses around 22 percent of the world’s prisoners. Corrections (which includes prisons, jails, probation, and parole) cost around $74 billion in 2007 according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.”

So who’s going to fill their prisons up? That’s a money maker for them! Why do you think they would let that go so easily??

Who do you think the media will vilify? People who look like these white “ladies”? No… it won’t affect them one bit. It would affect people who look like me, and my kids.

Look at our politicians! The media, even if they won’t flat out say it, every single time they will subliminally signal to you how dangerous these brown hair, brown eyes, brown skinned people are.


People who look like me, and my kids… That’s scary to me… maybe not to you. But to me it is, as a mom. Even if you raise your kids right, just wrong place at the wrong time.

And he’s not lying either… because we’re not filtering, there are many dangerous people coming in… not only are they coming in, they are empowering native borns who feel they are now the majority.

Look, no one is approving the separation of mom and children… even though you should question why on earth did the mom kidnap this cute little well dress baby away from her dad, to come to America for better opportunities, but left her other two kids behind?

And MSM did what with the image? Told us a lie to pull on our heart strings… and it worked. If it wasn’t for social media, I doubt they would’ve ever corrected themselves.

TIME Magazine Issues Correction for Crying Toddler Photo Depicting Family Separation

Now you can be against illegal immigration and against separating families… you don’t have to pick a side. You can cherry pick what is right.

I don’t believe these white “women” who are fighting for #resist movement are doing it for the right reasons… Let me break it down to you.

@DebraMessing // We know who she is… great famous actress.

Of course being in the public is something she is use to. I believe she wants to use her voice for good but also to stay relevant.


@goldengateblond // I honestly think she just wants attention. I think she believes she’s doing good… but I always profile women who use description like she does in their user names. Example would be like an obviously Asian woman with a user name like “AsianPrincess” lol… it’s like “oh really?”

Her user name describes her hair color, which she wears it proudly. She feels it differentiate her from the rest of the population (natural blonds are more rare, so she’s correct). But this blond lady’s description… look at that… lol ONE time Michael Flynn’s brother’s cousin’s neighbor’s babysitter’s father in law called her a celebrity… on the men’s room wall of life.

I mean I’m just profiling… but why else would that information be deemed important enough for her to share publicly where over a quarter million people would see it? It defines her.

Someone who is blond and never have any concern about prisons… because people like her don’t get put behind bars at an alarming rate… so she’s super lucky she gets to joke about it with her fellow white friends.


@qirennia // self description… do I really need to explain why this person hates the world? lol I don’t blame her… the world was always against her from the start. So she is now dedicated to use her voice to fight for the voiceless.

Although a good hearted approach… it’s just this goes to show why 99.9% of people work hard and not smart.

Not looking at the whole pictures… just focus on separation of kids and her hate for someone like Trump and me. lol we don’t care if you’re offended by our language… you shouldn’t be a slave to words… and shouldn’t expect me to be either, and especially don’t get mad at me for NOT being offended with you.

When you try to talk to them and share facts… they focus on your grammar… and not on your message. These are supposedly “educated” people.


Like legit, think about it… take this “educated” attorney for example. This is someone who uses her energy to correct grammar… because the FACTS are just TOO upsetting for her… she can’t deal… so let’s attack someone for their “inferiority”?

These are the types of people fighting for immigrants rights??? Fuck I think you should pass a test just to vote… I don’t think they’re able to even comprehend information when received. Sure I’m a refugee, English is my second language… and school wasn’t important for success.

I believe people are upset at Trump… and rightfully so… he’s different lol.

I hated the motherfucker. He blocked me last year!

They have to channel that anger so I get it… anything he says is bad.

BUT honestly, I like that he’s not a career politician and the fact that he’s able to change his stance on a subject once new information is received. That’s not the act of a career politician but of a leader.

So, yes he fucks up still… but after how much the politicians have fucked us over for the past decades??? And what media have us focused on while they locked up our black brothers, fathers and sons… why are we trusting them??

I say fuck the parties. Cherry pick what is right!

Also, please please please… don’t expect people to Christian or send aloha the way YOU do. Aloha is joyfully sharing love and life… and even though I might curse you the fuck out… I wish you nothing but blessings and joy along your journey in this life… You can argue and fight, but at the end of the day… we are all humans.

Immigration done right have helped America become the super power that it is. So why would we NOT filter??? There is absolutely NO justification for not filtering.

We can love thy neighbor… but not blindly.

Loving thy neighbor is not coddling and pretending everything will be okay.

Loving thy neighbor doesn’t mean to forget about the welfare of your own.

You can accuse me of anything you want… but please do not accuse me of not caring. Sure it’s hard to pull on my heart strings… my mom was a slave during the Khmer Genocide… lost family and friends. I see and feel suffering differently than most people I argue with. So I can see pass feelings a little better than most people like me… lol women. No offense ladies, but that’s what makes us super special. Our feelings.

And any true believer of God knows that children are the closest thing to God, and are the personal messengers. They must be protected at all cost. All Children.

Multiple sources are alleging that we, Americans, are drugging and abusing children. This is what happens when God is taken out of people’s lives. The devil wins.

Anyway… please look at the whole picture and not just what they want you to focus on. I know I don’t have all the answers… but I at least know something ain’t right… and it’s not about Trump… but what’s been going on way before he even showed up. It’s just now being exposed. Thanks to his chaotic behavior and social media.

Thank you for taking your time to read this… and feel free to send me any correction or information that would help me see a different perspective.

With Love and Only Love,