Little Nail Shop

I’m going to start off with my favorite company I created… It was the most fun to work on… one of the hardest times in my life, but one of the most memorable.

Testing out the chairs… 6 months pregnant.

I was pregnant with my second, and my husband at the time was busy with the success of his company and majority of his time and attention was put towards there.

I was puking 6 times a day, every day for 9 months… sometimes during meetings with construction workers. My personality wasn’t who I really am usually… so I wasn’t fun to be around. But nonetheless, I hustled.

My ex and I had a mini renovation company, so I used the skills I picked up from there and was able to save a ton of money. Plus I’m obsessed with design and decorating, so it was fun and so rewarding to see it come to life.

I would drive 250 miles back and forth every week to pick up furniture and decor from the closest Ikea. Nothing was planned… nothing is ever really planned planned when it comes to me… I kind of semi plan and just do as I go along.

A few months after getting started, I still haven’t decided on a name for my shop yet… I followed Nappy Hill’s advice of asking your subconscious mind, asking your inner God for help.

Just a regular desk and a bowl sink for manicure stations. Almost everything was bought from Ikea or online.

The next morning I woke up and blurted “The Little Nail Shop”… and I bought the domains and secured the social media entity ASAP.

It was fun to call it that because it was the biggest nail salon in the state… almost 4K square feet, of pure super feminine shop.

I launched it at the end of November… with just a Facebook post. But we were located next to a popular local restaurant.

I designed it, decorate it, market it, hand selected and bought every piece in the shop… it was soooooo much fun. 

Without much marketing but a mentioned on Facebook, on my first weekend, we made over $30k in sales from gift certificates & parties pre-booked. 

There was a private 2 person area for couples or just alone time away from everyone… and during the summer, I would hire my stepsons friends as babysitters to keep an eye on the kids for moms who wanted time to really relax.

We got messages for franchising immediately, news wanted to cover us and wondered why I didn’t make a big deal about the launch.

I didn’t want attention towards me because I was embarrassed of my past… of who I am as a person. I didn’t feel I was good enough to be with a man who had such major accomplishments… I just wanted to coast under the radar…

It was a place that you HAVE to capture and share. I love love LOVE creating things for people to enjoy… that’s legit my all time favorite feeling in the world.

Like what 2Pac said “All I want is money, fuck the fame, I’m a simple man”… I love that outlook on life. But I realize in order to spread a message, you have to be seen as someone who stands by it… and it’s not an easy thing to do.

I no longer own that shop… I don’t care to open another one… I believe anything I touch will turn to gold, if I want it to. All you have to do is put your heart, sweat and tears into it… that is all.

Oh and love… a whole lot of love.