Storybook Place

This wasn’t really a company that lasted long or at all… it started strong and got cockblocked as fast as it got started lol… but I wanted to share this story since I already shared a little bit about it previously, and it was a ton of fun.

I love making people happy… Making people feel amazing is like a drug for me. When you see someone overjoyed because of your actions… it’s like a big thank you from God… Like God saying thank you for bringing happiness to one of my children… I’m weird.

We just relocated our family to Hawaii and wanted to turn our home on the mainland into a space for people to use and enjoy… it’s such a beautiful property, but extremely costly to maintain. I figured we could allow people to rent it for weddings etc, to offset the cost of keeping the property.

I introduce the idea to my husband at the time, and he loved it… though he said he’ll handle it, and proceeded to hire a wedding planner with more than a dozen years of experience.

I’m fine with that, I was too busy working on other projects… After a few months of nothing moving… I inquired, then I saw the photos of our place and it drove me into action.

I’m not bringing this up to discredit anyone, but I was so sad that they were unable to display all the magnificent beauty of the property. They didn’t live in it, I can’t expect them to share the same emotions as I did.

I took matters into my own hands and flew out there to conduct my first photoshoot. Even though it’s my first time, I just know as long as I focused on getting the results I want, I’ll win. I don’t get scared if I have to depend on my creativity. That means there’s room for mistakes and that you decide what’s your best.

I rented 2 dozen dresses from Rent the Runway, and instructed our two assistants to run around the city’s Costcos and Sam’s club buying all the roses they had.

I contacted our family’s photographer to handle the shoot… and reached out via Facebook to one of my gorgeous model friends. The shoot was booked for 10 days later.

The total cost for everything was surprisingly the same exact cost as the photoshoot that the senior professionals did (give or take $100). They focused their budget on big ticket items like a tent and catering.

My budget was focused on the photographer. We bought flowers that we reused in almost every shot… I can add florist as one of my skills now :-).

I focused on trying to generate emotions from a potential client when they look at the product. My marketing approach is always to grab the attention first, and long enough to tell the story.

I arrived the night before, and just went shopping at a few 24 hour grocery places that had plants and bought up all their supplies, got back to the house and just went to town… I work like a crazy person when I want to achieve something. Legit, ZERO SLEEP… I won’t rest until it’s completed. The results prove that it’s worth it.

We were able to book a 300+ person wedding and a few small events immediately with just word of mouth… and our business cards 🙂

Eventually we had to put a halt to it due to zoning laws cockblocking us… It’s a shame because the property is stunning.

I wouldn’t want to create this business again… BUT I would LOVE to orchestrate a photoshoot like this again… it was so much fun.

Hope this story might inspire someone… I didn’t have any experience, all I had was a desire to make what I saw, better.

And I added the magic ingredient, love… and only love… aloha