The attack on God & believers in America

God have gotten a bad rep lately… and I don’t blame the people for disliking what God represents to them.

They tell us we have to believe in this sky man who give us anything we want if we just ask… lol Sounds a bit like Santa Claus if you ask me.

I grew up super Christian, meaning church several times a week, and like legit we can’t do shit lol… that combined with my parents being Refugees and survivors of genocide, they were very strict and over protective. So God was shoved down my throat by my mom… not so much my dad, he was Buddhist. He was not the best dude in the world, so I’ll discuss him on another note… this is about God lol

They scare us with images of hell, and telling us to blindly have faith… They use the words of the bible and twist it around to fit their motives… which was to line their pockets personally and rape our children.

Soooooo of course we all can understand why God is being vilified. Here’s a simple study of Australia’s priests.

Not only are they harboring devils, they are condoning criminal behaviors. Like stealing and cheating and scamming and the list goes on and on…

But it’s deeper than that for someone like me, half the population actually… the attack on women is obvious man made… NOT God made.

I’ll talk about God and women in a different note… but on this attack on God in America is getting ridiculous.

Can’t even have something to believe in together as a whole… so what does that make us?

GOD belongs to all of us… not just the church… not to men. You can speak to God on your own… not at church, shit… you can talk to God while taking a shit. I do. HE hears me too. And he provides. He always does.

I speak of God in as a man, not because God is a man lol… because God is in us, man as in human. God belongs to all of us dude… and these motherfuckers lied to us to control us, and it worked. We handed over money and our fucking kids. Damnit… our fucking children. Without thinking twice… because these assholes swore they were God’s messengers.

Now THAT is what the bible meant by using God’s name in vain… not this bullshit “oh my god”, or not capitalizing the G… or using profanity. They lied to us to enslave us by controlling what words meant to us.

Once THEY Decide what the words meant, they can control you. And that’s exactly what they did.

But are they really the ones to blame or are you for continuing to let it happen?

And of course we focus on the negative… even though there are many great amazing examples of God energy being used properly… But can we be blamed though for wanting to be protected?

Like if there’s even just a 10% chance of harm happening to your child, would you take that risk? HELL NO.


Everyone knows children are the closest things to God. Basically his messengers. They are the direct creation from creative energy. DUDE.

If I could share with you everything I know from all these science documentaries I watched… lol you’d believe in God also… and I’m going to try to do that.

We humans have created this huge machine called the atom smasher and discovered that can take 2 atoms smash it together and create something out of nothing, or basically turn it inside out… we discovered origins of the universe.

I think we took the long way though lol… because I think the Egyptians knew something we don’t.

Anywho… that’s another discussion on God.

DYK: That the bible was hand selected by a bunch of assholes and put together so it benefit them as men and zero benefit to women who are the natural protectors of children and all things good? Why? Why on earth would GOD vilify the creator of life? That’s some kind of bullshit isn’t it? And we’re suppose to continue to believe this? Really?

Like a bunch of grown ass men with obvious dysfunction decided which books belong in the bible… and who’s to say they didn’t edit for their own benefits? Part truth is just as bad as a lie… but even so, I don’t believe NOTHING they say. I don’t believe GOD wants anyone in control of another. That just doesn’t make sense… and God makes sense. The math works.

NOT only that, the Bible, the Quran and the Tanakh all share the same teachings? Share the same Abraham… same messages really. But perverse by it’s translators to control it’s followers. Look at what happened in the middle east to women.

The moment war broke in Afghanistan in the 70s what happened to the people? Women & children became the victims. These men want to CONTROL women so bad… why? Because we are the creators. We share a closer bond with God than any man… and they can NOT stand it. It bothers them.

How do we justify one gender having full control of another gender? Or anyone having control over another human being really… that’s just baffling to me… and I know God gave us free will and shit, but we’re not using it right. Does that look like evolution?

Even people in history treated their women better than these self proclaim believers of their Gods.

Could we have been believing in God all wrong all this time? Maybe so? I think so lol… I know so.

God is energy… and it’s loving, creative energy… it recycles negativity with positivity and that’s how growth and evolution occur.

God is in all dimensions, covers all religions, even the atheists lol

God is NOT against gays… yall fucked up if you believe that shit.

Remember, back in the day when God and science were one… they had to explain why gays can’t procreate… so the comment of “gays are an abomination to mankind” is just saying yall can’t have kids.

That’s just a scientific fact for back in the day… NOT that God hate gays.

God doesn’t hate… he reevaluate and then demonstrate how great he is. God always wins… I promise you that.

But as of right now… the devil ensuring that God is seen as a phony bologna, and by that removing opportunities for our kids to get to know it’s true meaning.